Selling your Books


There are several ways you can sell your books to us and to others, and much will depend on what you are selling and why.  Regardless of which method is best for you PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL AHEAD OF TIME FOR AN APPOINTMENT.


We do buy quality books all the time - anywhere from just a few select volumes to large accumulations.  Much depends on what we believe we can sell and also, frankly, what we find intriguing.  A simple email or telephone call to us with basic information on your books is almost always sufficient to determine whether we might be interested in purchasing your books.


Generally speaking we can:

1. purchase the item(s) outright

2. offer trade

3. offer a consignment situation

4. make a donation on your behalf to Wikipedia

Cash Purchase

We have no fixed formula for an outright purchase - it's generally a percentage of what we believe the book will sell for to another customer.



Generally a trade is calculated on a "4 for 1" basis - in other words, you get 1 free book for every 4 of similar value that you trade in. 



With books of a higher value or very specific content we will suggest a consignment arrangement.  We have standard consignment forms and agreements that can be customized if need be. 


All books on consignment may be made available for sale on the following internet venues(*) in addition to our own:

- Advanced Book Exchange - Alibris USA - Alibris UK - Amazon Canada - Amazon USA - Biblio USA - BibliOz Australia - Vialibri Italy - ZVAB Germany - Chapters/Indigo Canada

- Blackwell UK - Borders USA - Borders UK - Books-A-Million USA - Barnes and Noble USA - Chegg USA - Bookrenter USA - Better World Books USA - Ingram USA - TextbookX USA

- USA - Ebay USA

Our listings are also picked up by several "meta-search" sites specific to the book trade such as Bookfinder, AddAll and many, many more.


No one in the GTA offers you this much internet exposure for absolutely no upfront fees.

Again, PLEASE CALL US before you dispose of your books - sometimes the items you think are the least valuable can be surprising!


(*) Some internet venues have exclusion criteria beyond our control.

We also believe in supporting Wikipedia: Support Wikipedia