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To our valued local customers: We can meet you BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Please call 905-271-9179

Meanwhile here is our latest update (Valid as of September 2022):

We continue to have "snail mail" in the old building on Lakeshore Road and we can still meet with our customers on a by-appointment basis. We currently have roughly 15,000 titles listed on this website and have a total of approximately 150,000 books in storage. If you are interested in picking up any of our books:

- PLEASE PHONE FIRST - 905 271 9179


Our belief statement:

A bookshop is in the trade of ideas and the wisdom of the ages. Masterfully constructed tales that can inspire hope and provide solace. We trade in entertainment and humor to lighten the ravaged soul. We broker exotic theories and simple universality in being human.

We’re selling Voltaire, Twain, Dickens, Vonnegut, Huxley, Darwin, Dawkins, Orwell and Danielle Steel. People come here when they want to learn about solar energy, build a canoe, save money for their retirement or delve into the infinite mysteries of the cosmos.

We sell time, hopefully well spent. Time that heals, and teaches and that fosters dreams. We sell dreams. Think on it.

One chain in the link. Writer, publisher, retailer, wholesaler, thriftstore, dreamseller.

We alleviate the boredom on a bus ride home from work. We assist in the miracle of a child at play. We help an older woman find a memory long forgotten that is welcomed back with the blush of coy youth. We sell to a man down on his luck, the strength to continue, and an idea to better his lot.

To the uninitiated, we sell initiation. To the unloved, love. To the uninspired, inspiration. To the collector, the collectible. To the unwanted, a sense of belonging. And to those who thought they couldn't ever dance again, we’ve sold Happy Feet.

Sometimes, we give them away, free. And sometimes we make good money from these ideas, these dreams. But most times we make just enough to get by. We are rich in books.  R.I.P. Dennis of Oregon


To all customers in Canada or the United States, place any order for a total of $30 and shipping is FREE!

Did you know we carry a wide range of SHEET MUSIC?

ATTENTION LOCAL CUSTOMERS: ALL our books are still deeply discounted if you come by to pick up.  Please call ahead at 905 271 9179 to meet us in Port Credit!


Winners of the Mississauga News Readers' Choice Awards as "BEST BOOKSTORE - GOLD" in Mississauga for 2010 and nominated once again in 2011.   Thank you for your votes in this and previous years! (in 2012 the "bookstore" category was dropped from the Awards)



We're not just an internet bookstore!

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, we can meet in our office in Port Credit, Mississauga. 

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Telephone: 905-271-9179

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We are constantly seeking to purchase new and used books to add to our inventory. We are based in Mississauga Ontario Canada: if you live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) or Southern Ontario we can always arrange to view your second-hand books. Please send us an email or phone for more information, or click on the link on the left hand side of this page or just click here





 Appraisal Service


There are many reasons you might want books appraised - for insurance purposes, inheritances, estates, charitable donations, divorce settlements, or simply curiousity. Whatever the reason, we are happy to provide a professional appraisals service. Please contact us for details.



Here is a brief list of some of the categories of books you will find in our store:
Genealogy - Canadiana - Children's Books - Collecting and Collectibles - Price Guides - Diet - Food - Cookbooks - Health - Fitness - Entertainment - Film - Erotica - Sexuality - Exploration - Travel - Guides - Fiction - First Editions - Short Stories - American Canadian Ancient English and European History - Native Peoples - Indians Inuit Aboriginals - Horror - Classic Literature - Shakespeare - Architecture - Mass Media Communications - Radio - Television - Music - Dance - Opera - Mystery - Crime and True Crime - Espionage - Natural History - Nautical and Maritime - Yachts and Yachting - New Age - Metaphysical - Unexplained Mysteries - Psychic - Caribbean - Hawaii - Philosophy - Photography - Photo Essays - Vintage Collectibles - Repair and engineering Manuals - Trade Catalogs - Theatre Drama and Plays - Fantasy - World War - Aviation - Navy - Vietnam - Romance - Science and Technology - Astronomy - Science Fiction - Polar Regions Arctic Antarctic - Political Science - Psychology - Relgion - Christianity - Christian Science - Catholicism - Prayerbooks - Bibles - Text Books - Coffee Table Books - Middle East - Italian language - Gay and Lesbian - Medical - Medicine - Judaica - Holidays - Hobbies Arts and Crafts - Sports - Baseball Hunting Fishing Figure Skating - Africa - African American - Social Science - Law and Legal Texts - Anthropology - Holidays - Christmas - Coffee Table Books... and much much more!


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